2016 ECSA Sailing Photo Awards Program

1. This program shall consist of awards to be made at the annual award ceremony for the best photo of the year of ECSA sailing activities.  For purposes of this contest, “ECSA sailing activities” will include monthly cruises, members using their own boats on local sails, and member/club organized trips announced/reported in the FT&C or formal club presentation.

2. Entry criteria:
a. open to all ECSA members in good standing
b. more than one entry may be submitted
c. at least one(1) ECSA member boat must be contained in the photo
d. preferably have at least one sail raised/deployed/unfurled, although boats at anchor at an ECSA event will be accepted
e. can not be self-submitted, i.e., you can't photograph your own boat
f.  must be taken during the time between Christmas boat parades of successive years and submitted prior to Christmas each year   
g. must be of reasonable size, resolution, and clarity (either in print or digital format) to permit identification of the vessel (min 5x7 inch photo, 1024 x768 pixels with jpeg compression parameter of >85 (on scale of 100)).  PDF versions are not acceptable.
h. must provide authorization to use photo in ECSA promotions and publications to include website (see Entry Form on ECSA website)

3. Digital entries may be emailed to ECSA.photo.contest@gmail.com.  Photographs should be mailed to ECSA, PO Box 372241, Satellite Beach, FL  32937.  Entry forms must be submitted with each submission.  Signed forms may be scanned and submitted to the contest email address.  Otherwise, they must be mailed.  There must be sufficient identification information on the form to associate it with the corresponding photo entry should they be separately submitted.  Submitted photos may or may not be returned at the end of the contest.

4. There shall be one award for best photo.  Selection to be made at sole discretion of the Vice Commodore.

5. All entries to be on display at annual awards presentation.


A PDF version of the entry form is downloadable here.

ECSA_Sail_Photo_Contest_Entryv2.pdf34.67 KB